Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First and Second Assignments

our first class assignment was a monochromatic double self portrait painted in acrylic i felt like it turned out ok could have been better but im not the most comfortable with monochromaic painting

for our second class assignment we are making a mural for the city of Warrensburg
we need to make a plan that would work as a proposal to the city we need to find out what we would use where we would have it put a amount and such

ok well lets get this started for a location i chose one right buy the city hall its a wall of a local shop
i would have the exact spot flattened out and smoothed before painting to make it easier then painting on brick i would use acrylic paint to paint my mural it being outside i feel like i would need to use something durable for paint i found this website

and i found this article to help inform me on what products to use for mural painting

after the painting was done i would probably varnish it to make sure it was sealed the article gives u a good idea on how to do that and on other things to think of when painting a mural

here are some of my sketches