Wednesday, August 19, 2009


t day is the second day of classes I'm glad to be back I'm in the computer lab in the art center right before my last class of the day modern art something rather its another McDermet class this ones supposed to not be to bad i will see

otherwise classes don't seem to bad physics maybe interesting i don't know if that's a good or bad thing well i bring art this time so yay this is a sketch book page from physics today(click for a better look)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

PICTURE-LESS UPDATE! secret work!?!?!

so yea this update comes with no pictures but im sorry thats not because im not making art no its the opposite of that im making work that im happy with and i feel like im moving forward

but right now that work is going to be a secret for this reason
im working on a book with my good buddy dustin williams and would like the book to be of work that isnt already out there it will be a small colab book with a small run if u want a book drop me a line
once the book is made i will get some pics up

well next post i promise to put up some art well peace

oh a drop a comment or two i would love to hear from anyone if anyone is out there

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i decided i wanted to goof around alittle and try some things out that i was thinking about so here we good

this is a using all black line not colored bacock mentioned it so i thought i would see how it looked
this is taking away the color a friend told me he liked it more without color so i thought i would check it out and get ridd of the pinklast was a trying the last one out with black instead of a blue pattern

Sunday, August 2, 2009


this class has been a very good class i have learned a lot and really enjoyed it
coming in i had a little knowledge about digital art
i would look at a piece and could tell its digital but i wouldn't have a clue on how to do it. after this class i have more knowledge about what i would i use and what tools to use

i think the format of the class was a good thing. Doing a master study then an interpretation really helped me learn the skills that i wanted. it helped me to learn from artist i like and to know how to do what they did

after this class i think i will now do more master studies in my free time because i now see how valuable it is to do them

thank you for having this class Babcock and thank you for all the tutorials you put up

final and reflection part 3

this is the image that i used for reference this time i was going to do another interpretation of my first project i will be using only photoshop
i started out by making a blackout of the image. i will be using this as a base
next i filled in the color sections with flat color using a solid brush
i then added some detail to the arms to break up the black

after the initial color i add in the smaller colors mainly thread and cloth

after this i started to build up the chest by adding in a middle color and a white this was to make highlights in the raise
in this step i added in green at a little less then 50% opacity this was to help break down the solid colors
next i added in some bright white on the face and the sode(shoulder pad)
last i added in dark shadows to make the whole thing more 3d
im not finished and wont finish it before class is through but i plan to keep working on this and learn more in the following weeks i plan to finish this up and post progress

after im done with this i will move to making another interpretation of my last project i will probably do master studies so that i can learn more and do a better interpretation of it this time

final and reflection part 2

my first step was getting a picture i own a book that is full of people dressed as samurai and other feudal Japanese clothes its a great reference book and i thought i could use it for a base for this finally instead of sketches
so i scaned the picture in and opened it in illustrator
once in illustrator locked the layer and opened a new layer for the line art. i used the blob brush to do the line work after useing the blob brush multipull times it has probably became one of my favorite tools i turned the variation up alittle. after i drew it out i broke some of the lines and started to make them different colors tutorial on the blob brush)
once i was done with the line work i moved it over to photoshop i started by locking the line aart layer then i added in a pink background on a seperate layer and lock that layer too. from there i opened a 3rd layer and named it color here i layered in flat color for the base of the illustration
after this i opened up a new layer and filled the layer with a color i think it was orange from there i went to filter and clicked on pixelate then color halftone i chose 8 from there i went to channels and got rid of the blue and red channels and chose the green channel and the dots it left from here i made a pattern out of it then i filled a new layer with the pattern and turned the channels back on. i did this again but this time i kept the blue dots they were bigger
after this i made another layer i used the halftone pattern filter it is under the sketch filters i used horizontal lines
once all 3 of these layer were made i started to change which ones u saw where and played around with them creating textures
sadly i forgot to save pics of these steps after this i merged the 3 layers together and started to erase to create highlights this was a new idea i thought of and decided to try (class tutorial of the pattern technique)

once i was done with the pattern i decided i want to finish it up with making a shadow the way i went about this was by coping the layer then putting it in multiply and then using the skew function under transform i skewed the new one that was on top after skewing it to the way i wanted i locked it

then last thing i did was create a Moire pattern this is kinda hard to explain easier to watch heres the tutorial babcock did for it (its the same as the one for dot patterns) once i made the two layers i moved them around and skewed them till i was happy with the effect from there i opened the skewed layer i made before and started to erase the shadow image out this took awhile because i didnt want to screw up
there is probably a better faster way but that ok im happy with the result

overall im very happy with this piece and feel i learned alot from doing the master study and two interpriations from this point i want to expariment more im really starting to like the pattens and how they can add texture

Saturday, August 1, 2009

FINal and reflection part 1

For my final and refletion i decided to go back and redo my interpretations but because of needing to move this last week and other things coming up i only got 3 of the 4 done but im still happy with what i got done i will post a post for each of the interitation tutorials hope these are informative to what i did and how i did them any questions or comments would be greatly apprieciated

the first thing i did was get a image i like normally it would be a sketch or other line art i liked but for times sake and for an experiment i decided i would use pictures from a samurai reference book
the one above being one

the first thing i did was open the picture in illustrator and use the blob brush to make line art of the pic i used the blob brushes variation to make the lines have a little character i still think i could have pushed this a little more but i will try experiments like those in the future
after i have the line art done i move it to photoshop i start by putting a flat color in for a background i chose green to offset the pink i was planing to use. once i had the background in i opened a new layer and colored the image i used pretty flat color like paul pope did in the piece i made a master study ofand lastly i added a layer over the last one which had a see though look to it to help create the effect of a semi transparent garment i used the brush tool at 30% and went over it a few times

overall im happy with what i learned this is a nice way t make a sketch or simple drawing more appealing its a pretty simple and fast way to color once u get use to it