Monday, March 29, 2010

Boxer! BIGGER!

well i was thinking about my senior show and thought i should do something big and exciting well I came to the idea that i was going to make a big 3d rellief version of my boxer piece
well I decided I would put up pictures of the planing stage
I will start by making it out of cardboard then it will be out of masonite its going to be 7 times bigger then the original

first I made a grid of 7 by 7 squares

and then i printed out the 1 in by 1in squares out 7 times bigger now i will be putting it all on the cardboard

well leave a comment!
and ill try to keep you updated!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring break

this is my piece for devil in the form of _____ well i chose Pat Robertson he is a psycho a religious one too which to me makes him scarier
well haven't been doing to much art over spring break but once i get back its nose back to the grind stone well hope everyone is doing good!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


well here are some of my favorite prints ive done, the first two are from last semester, the last one is from this semester.
Last friday i finished up my 9 color print, im so glad that im done with it lol ill put pics up of it soon

edit: i forgot to mention i made it into a show! lol its the rockhurst exchange they showed work here last semester and now its our turn to show our work there. the piece that got chosen was Samurai Junker i had put it in the citation show and i guess they liked it? so they stole it (kinda)i didnt really find out about it till they already took it lol. well all and all im really glad it really was a big surprise and makes me feel great.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

right, then the left

got to keep moving forward
decided im going to try to update my blog on a weekly basis, well decided i would continue trying out this photoshop stuff i came out with, well tell me what u think