Thursday, July 30, 2009

harder then i thought...

i tryed my hand at a interpritation
i have got to say it was alot harder then thought it would be i think im going to have to do some more master studies to better understand these but this is what i got im kinda happy with it

so far im gettign pretty far in my final i should get it done tomorrow

Monday, July 27, 2009

slow week

the original is the one on top
my study is the one on the bottom this one was hard
and i dont think mines nearly as smooth
i found this image when i was randomly searching online its from an up coming game
i like how it uses hard and soft shapes of color together

so i didnt work hard nor fast this week i still have a hunk left to do on my interpretation
but i plan to do alot better next week
for my final i plan to do new interpretions of all my previous projects i will be useing images i have from a samurai costume book

Sunday, July 19, 2009

JUMP! improved

i took babcocks advice on making the dots smaller and redoing my Moire pattern
i think it looks better now otherwise i did a few more tests with the dots and patterns for fun

Saturday, July 18, 2009


this is my interpretation i enjoyed making it
im pretty happy with how it turned out
i just threw in a back ground i should probably go back and make it look better but this one will do for now i was mainly focusing in on the figure
i like the dots and morray effect i think they are cool effects and i will want to get use to using them and experiment with them more in the future
commets and critiques are appreciated

Thursday, July 16, 2009

finsh i finally finshed my study it was hard to finish. it was hard to match the dots then i thought it would be im still not fully happy with it but i am happy enough to move on
i think i learned all i could but for some reason i still couldnt get my pink cloud thing to completely match the one D-pi made but thats ok i did learn how to use the effect and am happy that i can now do the tricks he did

now im moving on to my interpritation i already started it
and hope to get it done tonight if i keep up at this pace

busy day

today i was rather busy but i got alot of work done too
this is my interperatation for my second study im pretty happy with it now im pretty confident with the blob brush and feel pretty good about it
i think i could have had some more scratchy lines but otherwise im happy with it

otherwise then that i worked on my 3rd master study i still need to add in the dots, tree and do alittle more work but this is it so far

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pope Study colored

I got off work at 10 and I decided I wanted to color the study I did before I started on my interpretation so I colored it up and now I'm working on my interpretation hope to be get alot of work done before i go to bed

Pope Study

for my next master study i did a linework study of Paul Pope's work this piece is a part of a poster from his book
the reason i chose this project was to help understand how to do line work using illustrator i started off by using the pen tool this took forever and got ok results i started this when i was in town Babcock asked me why i wasnt using the blob brush well it was mainly because i hadnt used it before and didnt know the tool
after useing the pen tool more i started to wonder about the blob brush and tried it out
wow i made it all so much easier now i feel like i wasted alot of time on this because i didnt use the blob brush from the start

well otherwise im pretty happy with the result
my plan for my interpritation is to scan a drawing from my sketch book and to digitally ink it

Thursday, July 9, 2009

finally finished my first project
i was in class today because i was in town and Babcock helped me finish it and gave me some good ideas such as letting the paper texure show up overall i learned a good hunk about digital painting but i still have alot to learn with Babcocks help i realized how to use layers and texture better

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

my first project is another mech robot thing i started it the other day and have got a little bit done
otherwise i have planed out my next two master studys and projects i hope to start getting fast now that im starting to get a better idea on what im doing in photoshop
comments and critiques would be appreciated

hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

master study so far

this is my master study so far. It was further but i had problems saving

i started by making a line art of it for a frame then i built it up and got ridd of the line art
then i started to make the lights and darks

so far im starting to get how to use layers to make a nice weathered feeling and how to add the the light and shadows

ive started work on my first project which will be a mech robot thing like this ive done sketches and will scan them in and use that as a basic frame

well i still have alot to do if u have any comments or critques on what i have done so far it would be appritiated